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Perambra Fest

Perambra Fest conducted for the development of socio, cultural and agricultural elements of Perambra assembly constituency by Perambra Development Mission under the chairmanship of....

Rise Up

World tour of international Rise up started from Qatar on 25th April 2019. This journey is very proud moments for newsvalue, the brand makers, Dr. Sajeev Nair, Rise Up Mentor, Parivarthan and Media Pen, Qatar....

VKC Facilitation

Newsvalue has contributed for VKC facilitation events in Cannanore, Kolkata, Kozhikode. The event is handled in all the sections by the newsvalue team. Click here to view the stills from the recent events of VKC.

Meralda Logo Launch

Meralda Jewels is the recent event which was assigned to newsvalue. This event was done for the Meralda Jewels logo launch held in Kozhikode.

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